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They trusted us…
they scored!

National or international, famous or soon-to-be, dozens of brands have chosen us for the impact of our newsbrands and the relevance of our solutions. So… what are you waiting for to get your spot in our hall of fame?


No better place for
a QR code

Format :  1 Art.1000 & 2 Art.500
Content :  Aldi needed to attract people to their digital leaflet and )NP( made it possible. But how? Through a QR code. By reaching a massive target group at the right moment when most receptive, people scanned their QR code which led them immediately to their leaflet.
Period :  From 18/08/2022 to 09/09/2022


Food retail on fire

Format :  2 Acc.120/100, 1/2 pano, Acc.150 for the launch of Little Lions & 12 Acc.94
Content :  Since June, open any newspaper and the Delhaize lions roared at you with great promotions and quality products. Delhaize decided to trust NP with the always on promo advertising from February until now. Food retail is alive and kicking thanks to thoughtful advertising. So, what do you think for your retail?
Period :  From February until now


A touch of variety

Format :  1 Art.1000 & 1 pano
Content :  Tired of water? Think again. At Spa, water comes since many years and now more recently with a dozen different touches of excitement. NP brought Spa and all the fruity flavours of his excitement to thousands of newspaper readers. Water will never be the same again. And how does your brand generate excitement?
Date :  28/02/2022 – 06/05/2022

Coca-Cola Group

Refreshing advertising 

Format :  2 Art.1000 & 2 Art.500
Content :  A picture says more than a thousand words. And a free drink definitely says even more. NP brought a clear country-wide message for Coca-Cola: refreshing products, no sugar and you get one free. What else do you want on a hot summer day?
Date :  13/01/2022, 03/02/2022, 05/05/2022 & 07/07/2022


Who doesn’t like deals?

Format :  10 Art.750, 8 Art.500 & 2 Art.1000
Content :  Carrefour has a large range of products and promotions. Whatever the promotion, it will only draw people if they know about it. NP is their one-stop-shop that gives access the right audience for any campaign. Spot on!
Period :  From 03/2022 to 06/2022


re: imagine the future

Format :  5 Art.1000
Content :  Every day of the week another full page because sustainability matters. Re: imagine with NP.
Date :  13/12/2021 – 17/12/2021

Corona Direct


Format :  NP Newsbrands Art.1000 + digital (desktop & mobile)
Content :  Corona Direct helps you to pay less for your car insurance and they needed NP to spread the message in a 360° communication campaign. A Top Topical in a full page with a digital extension: a halfpage banner on desktop and an IMU on mobile.
Date :  04/12/2021


Black Friday deals with a QR-code

Format :  1 Art.1000
Content :  Decathlon managed to bring customers to their shops, by asking them to sell their old gearing to obtain loads of points in reward. A great way to increase for customer fidelity and loyalty. Combined with a QR-code for better measurability.
Date :  26/11/2021

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