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National or international, famous or soon-to-be, dozens of brands have chosen us for the impact of our newsbrands and the relevance of our solutions. So… what are you waiting for to get your spot in our hall of fame?


A campaign on the right track

Format :  NP3D Art.500
Content :  SNCB/NMBS chose to relax with three ads in newspapers combined with three online placements for a quick way to get its campaign on the right track. NP3D is the perfect travel companion.
Period :  January 2024


Boost your campaign

Format :  NP3D Art.500
Content :  It’s never too late to make good resolutions. Just like Delhaize did in January, boost your campaign with NP3D and its multi-platform exclusive formats to maximize your reach.
Period :  January 2024


Experience happiness all day long

Format :  3 NP3D Art.1000
Content :  Many people are in contact with their media brands several times a day, just like with their car. BMW chose to follow their journey with impactful and exclusive NP3D formats for the pre-auto show deals.
Period :  December 2023 – January 2024


Festive season, attractive deals

Format :  NP3D Art.500
Content :  As the end-of-year festivities approach, the hunt for the best deals heats up. Aldi found success through NP3D, leveraging its exclusive formats and massive reach.
Period :  December 2023


At your service

Format :  NP3D Art.1000
Content :  In a competitive market, quality of service is a key factor in choosing one’s financial partner. Crelan decided to highlight its own and used NP3D to reach out those looking for the best.
Period :  December 2023


From wishes to reality

Format :  NP3D Art.1000
Content :  No need to make a Christmas wish to get an effective campaign. Orange takes advantage of the benefits of the multi-platform NP3D to reach 22 million contacts for its end-of-year campaign.
Period :  December 2023


Double deal, double impact

Format :  NP3D Art.500
Content :  Even for an attractive 1+1 promotion, Delhaize once again chose NP3D to strengthen its end-of-year media plan. Guaranteed visibility with impactful formats in a safe and certified context.
Period :  December 2023


Women in business

Format :  NP3D Art.750
Content :  Raising awareness requires strong communication channels with trusted and reliable partners. That’s why AXA selected NP3D to claim that being a woman in business shouldn’t be nor a risk, nor a weakness.
Period :  November-December 2023

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